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What's My Trade In Worth?

Mentor KIA Trade In

Want to know What Your Trade-In is Worth?

What your car is worth is a lot like what a house is worth. There are lots of variables to determine the value for a house - including it's location, the condition of the carpets and floors, the condition of the roof, and the general market for houses in your area. 

For cars, how the vehicle has been maintained, how many miles are on it, what options it has, and even how many other 'cars like yours' are for sale right now - all factor into how much your car is worth.

Researching Used Car Values


In the same way that Zillow and Trulia can put you in the ballpark for what your house is worth - Kelly Blue Book, NADA, and Carfax can put you in the ballpark for what your car is worth. But your car (or home) is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay you for it.


Unfortunately, you can't go deposit your KBB or NADA Used Car Value in the bank. Neither company actually buys used cars and trucks. They just give you an estimate of what an 'average' used car is worth.

Your car is worth what someone will pay you for it.


How to get the Most Money for your Trade-In.

So to get the most money for your car, you just need to find the 'someone' who is willing to pay you the most for it - and that 'someone' is Mentor Kia.  

Why would Mentor Kia pay you the most for your car?  

There are a couple of reasons: 

 #1 - Cash For Junkers.

Our Cash For Junkers program is designed to overpay for your beat-up old car. It creates instant equity on a new car purchase. If you're wondering how to come-up with a down payment on your next car - check out Cash for Junkers!

#2 - Shipping Cars is Expensive. We could go to used car auctions to find used car inventory, but it costs us money to travel to the auction and even more money to ship the cars back to the dealership! We'd much rather use that money to pay YOU more for great local inventory that we don't have to pay to ship.

#3- We Complete all our Reconditioning Work Here at the Dealership. The same factory-trained technicians who work on our customers' cars also complete a rigorous inspection on every car we offer for sale - often replacing brake pads, tires, and fluids before we offer our used cars for sale. But because we do all the work in-house it saves us money - allowing us to pay more to acquire vehicles.

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One of our professional appraisers will contact you to gather some information about your car and schedule an appointment to see the car and make you a great offer!

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